Doors shape the decor of your home

Doors are an essential part of your home. It is the first thing that attracts the attention of the visitors, when they visit your home or office. Doors reflect your personality. A neat, well trimmed door reveals the qualities of the home maker. The door should be fashioned according to the decor of your home. Nowadays, we have an array of doors to choose from, that will match our architecture and the interior decoration. Dutch doors are known for their classic look, while old heavy wooden doors, with ornate trim and big brass knobs are still in vogue. You even have the choice of clubbing the country style and old world style. One of the most popular doors today is the simple, elegant door, with a little trim to make it look smart and efficient.

Get a little country style Dutch doors originated in the 1600s in the Netherlands and are named after their country of origination. Dutch doors are a unique design of door. You do not see them very often in new homes but can still find them in older country homes. You can also have one of these special doors installed in your home or outbuilding to add a country look to your home.

The Dutch door compromises of two parts, namely, the top half and the bottom half. You have the option of leaving the top or the bottom half of the door open, as per your convenience. The doors can be latched together and used like a standard door as well.

Traditionally Dutch doors were used in stables. It was a very convenient style for animals that moved in a restricted territory. Usually the top half of the door would be kept open for ventilation, while the bottom half would be locked for security purposes. Dutch doors were also used as front entryways and interior doors. Even today Dutch doors are very popularly used in barns, all over the world.

To install a Dutch door into a new home you have to order especially as the new houses are not equipped for it. The Dutch doors are the carriers of the old country appeal to some people. Dutch doors can be installed as garden shades, garage doors or back doors.

If you want to impress your visitors you can have a classic entrance door to your home. These are often heavier doors made out of hard woods like oak. They are very strong and will last for many years. They should be treated for weather resistance and if necessary painted or varnished every 1-2 years. A classic wood door can take a little more maintenance but is very impressive and can raise the real estate value of your house.

A modern door is simpler in appearance than other doors with adornment of a simple design. Generally they are made of wood and are painted. You need to paint up these doors every two or three years particularly if your house is located in a place with extreme weather conditions.

Select your door with utmost care, as it showcases your home’s uniqueness and is the first mirror of your individuality to your visitors. The process doesn’t end in selecting the exact door but you should know the proper maintenance procedure. Always remember, a good door has direct influence on the value of your home, so take every step cautiously.